...David Grimwood's delightful freehouse restaurant.

This is the 17th year since I bought this beautiful old property and turned it into my home as well as my restaurant - truly a very satisfying thing to do.

As a Suffolk boy – born and bred – it was always my intention to have my own business here in the heart of my beloved county, where I could indulge myself and all my customers with the foods I love to cook and eat.

I am passionate about the amazing food products found here in East Anglia, and the terrific people who produce them.

Quality, sustainability, freshness, food miles and fair trade are all words used so often these days as marketing tools to increase sales – but I see them as key ingredients in the success of my business – top quality, seasonal fresh food, sourced locally at a sensible price – cooked with love and passion and served with a smile!

The Froize is all about the food – and the people who eat it!

David Grimwood

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12 – 2pm
Tuesday to Sunday

From 7pm
Friday and Saturday

01394 450282

The Froize
Chillesford Woodbridge
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Froize re-opening – Latest Update

It is over a year now since all those delicious aromas greeted hungry customers – eager to dine on fabulous Froize food.

That is all behind us now, and we must look forward to a brighter future and a brand new Froize – ready for a new challenge.

Once we can ‘socially mix’ (step 4 of Boris’ road map) then the restaurant will open again, initially for Sunday Lunch …two sittings – 12 noon and 2pm – bookings only.
Plus, the addition in time, of lunch on Friday & Saturday.
Evenings will be limited to special nights
(Curry Night, Pudding Club Night – that sort of thing)
Again, this will be bookings only.

To help with the bookings and to say a massive ‘Thank You’ to all our customers –
a ‘Froize Club Card’ will be introduced.
You will be able to join up and receive priority booking info.
(More details soon…. promise!)

Froize is evolving into something new, the restaurant will remain at the heart of the business… but there will be more of the other things we love doing – that’s the music and nature side of things.

Expect more courses, workshops, and master classes in subjects ranging from
foraging to bird watching, wildlife painting to star gazing plus music, arts, crafts…
and much more. (All including a little of that Froize food of course!)

When is this all going to start??

All being well, and if nothing stops the road map progress
June is the month things will start with a bang!

Send an email for details to:

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