...David Grimwood's delightful freehouse restaurant.

This is the 17th year since I bought this beautiful old property and turned it into my home as well as my restaurant - truly a very satisfying thing to do.

As a Suffolk boy – born and bred – it was always my intention to have my own business here in the heart of my beloved county, where I could indulge myself and all my customers with the foods I love to cook and eat.

I am passionate about the amazing food products found here in East Anglia, and the terrific people who produce them.

Quality, sustainability, freshness, food miles and fair trade are all words used so often these days as marketing tools to increase sales – but I see them as key ingredients in the success of my business – top quality, seasonal fresh food, sourced locally at a sensible price – cooked with love and passion and served with a smile!

The Froize is all about the food – and the people who eat it!

David Grimwood

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12 – 2pm
Tuesday to Sunday

From 7pm
Friday and Saturday

01394 450282

The Froize
Chillesford Woodbridge
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CrossincircleWhen will Froize be opening again??
…The simple answer is – I just do not know.

Back in March when all pubs, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, museums etc were closed, we hoped that within a short period of weeks, things could return to normal and we could all get on with our lives. Froize would be open as usual – delighted and delighting, and welcoming you all back, safely, and happily.

It was not long before we realised this was not the case and that this is serious.

Three months on and Froize is poised, ready for opening within a few short days.

But I cannot share the enthusiasm that 4th July seems to have brought to some sectors of the hospitality industry and certain members of the public.

Much as I accept the economy needs to get going and people wish to return to normal.

Covid-19 has not gone away, and I fear a second wave, perhaps not until winter.

I cannot and will not put any of my staff or my customers under risk of infection, it would just be wrong of me to do so.

Having spoken to several of my customers recently, it has also become obvious that what they wish for is a visit to Froize to be as near as possible, to how it was before lockdown.

This can only be achieved when ‘social distancing’ is replaced with a situation where ‘acceptable social mingling’ is permitted – something that cannot be done under the present government guidelines.

I will reopen Froize when a. it is safe to do so, b. financially viable to do so, and c. when I can be certain that I will ‘Open to Stay Open’

In the meantime, stay safe… keep well and do the right things.

Missing you all so much.

David Grimwood


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