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Salami, olives etc.

Heroes, chums, suppliers and links (in no particular order)

Blythburgh Free range pork – Jimmy and Pauline Butler – 
My friends for over 30 years and producers of the best pork – anywhere!!

W&H Marriage and Sons Ltd. – bread, cake and pastry flours – 
Canadian strong and organic flours – we use them in all our breads and baking.

Darsham Nurseries Cafe Wow! – At last, food to inspire me

Revett’s The Butcher! – Wickham Market – 01728 746263
Gary and Helen carrying on the tradition of beautifully butchered meat and just the best sausages in the county!

Munchy Seeds – Crispin and Lucinda Clay – 
Stunning range of roasted seeds – high in the good things – low in the bad!

Alder Tree Ltd. – fruit ice creams – 
The Hardingham family have been making our fruit ice creams for years and years!

Suffolk Farmhouse cheeses – Jason and Katharine Salisbury -
Suffolk blue and gold cheeses from their herd of Guernsey cows

Breckland Orchard – Claire Martinsen’s “posh pop” –

High House fruit farm – Piers and Suvi Poole – 
Just the best and most local apple juices, bramleys, cherries, & apricot jam!

Lane Farm country foods – Ian and Sue Whitehead – 
Award winning salamis and chorizo – and really, really good bacon.

The Wild Meat Co. Ltd. – Paul Denny –  Known Paul since he was a boy! Wizard butcher and purveyor of excellent game.

Hillfarm Oils – Sam Fairs – 
Beautiful cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil.

Stokes Sauces (Essfoods Ltd) - Rick Sheepshanks –  Wonderful range of jams, chutneys condiments, marmalades and sauces etc.

The British Larder – Madalene Bonvini-Hamel and Ross Pike. Inspirational chefs and friends who are more than happy to share their great wealth of culinary skills and knowledge.

Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival – 
Just about the best food festival in the country.

Adnams – Great beers and fine wines –

RSPB Minsmere – One of my Special Suffolk places – a real gem.

National Trust – Sutton Hoo – Another stunning place – right on our doorstep

Leiston Film Theatre – tel:01728 830549 Wayne Burns excellent re-vitalised “flea-pit” a proper cinema!

Pump Street Bakery - Orford. Fantastic artisan baking from Chris Brennan and his family - Eccles cakes are possibly the best I have eaten, plus totally addictive sough dough bread and real doughnuts!

Snape Maltings – Excellent shops, cafe and re-vamped farmers market first Saturday of the month - lots of pals selling top stuff.

Aldeburgh Music – – Now sole owners of Snape Maltings.. Still providing World Class music in quite variety of genres.

Folk East – – The best festival…ever! Fab. Music and art, heritage crafts and the wonderful collaboration that brings you exquisite festival food under the banner of ’The Imagined Suffolk Food Village’ – That’s’ us and some of our best mates!

Keston Cobblers Club – – Our lovely friends who make the most wonderful music...Played here last October at ‘DaveStock’ Stunning – give them a listen…and catch then live if you can.

The Young ‘Uns – – BBC Radio 2 Folk Award ‘Best Band’ winners 2015 – stunning singing and great humour from the boys. Although from the north east, they love our part of the world and are patrons of Folk East. Expect singing tutorial weekends, collaborations with young musicians and a genuine love of Suffok.

Honey and the Bear – – What a delight the talented Jon Hart and Lucy Sampson are. Two of our favourite local musicians …Have a listen… they are lovely.

The Broadside Boys – – Matt and Eric… we have known them forever! – Fine music, plenty of humour, hard working fella’s… Once quoted as being ‘The sound of the country pub’ – we love them to bits!

Radio Suffolk - - Our excellent local BBC radio station - with the outstanding Mark Murphy and Lesley Dolphin, very good for news, views and plenty on the 'Super Blues'!!

Flybird Installations - - Chris Spark for all things you need to try and keep the 'pesky varmint's out!!

Church Farm Kettleburgh - - Annie and John Bater's wonderful farmhouse bed and breakfast - just so friendly.

Marybelle Dairy - - The Strachan family have been producing top quality milk, cream and yoghurt for as long as I can remember, just great local products that tick all the right boxes!

Dale Howe and AJ - Our dear friends who do all our painting and decorating. Really good, plus they can turn their hands to all manner of jobs that need doing - brilliant! 07761 500439 or email

Richard Grimes - - Bespoke Tailors - Top husband and wife team - Richard is a true master of his craft while Lynn masterminds the stunning ladies fashion department

Butley Mills - - self catering holiday apartments - just a stroll down the road from us - beautifully restored old mill now very high quality accommodation.

Billie Box – – Jane Billing’s secure storage stuff…excellent…

Suffolk Coffee Company – Wonderful coffee with a story.. roasted in Peasenhall by the very lovely Christopher Rayner-Green.

Parravani’s Ice Cream – Traditional Italian ice cream… made in Suffolk! – Since 1898… Lovely.

Truly Traceable - @TrulyTraceable – Steve and Lynn Tricker – Award winning Venison and game pies. Husband and wife team of deerstalking, butchering and beautifully encrusting fully traceable meat!

Roadii – – Brilliant open fire outdoor cooking system…

Hedgerow Cordials – Charlotte and Ross… making the most sublime cordials… great as an incredibly thirst quenching drink…or mix with gin or vodka as a cocktail…The nettle is yum!

HattOwenDesign – - Responsible for translating my ideas into the brilliant web site you are looking at! – Thanks Tony Hatt…you are a star! (and a very patient man!)

Leiston Press – – Glenn Barnes great, local company… for printing, signage and publishing…and personalised wallpaper! Yes, really!!

BoMoJo Productions – – Barry and Cristina – fun,creative and full of fresh ideas. Video productions for all kinds of businesses and private organisations…Made a lovely one hour video of a ‘Week in the life of Froize’ for us last year (bits of it are now on YouTube)

Sweffling White Horse – – Maz and Mark’s ‘proper’ pub – fabulous beer! – and a brilliant campsite behind.

Woodfarm Barns – – Carl Scott’s lovely Suffolk countryside accommodation…Dog friendly, award winning holiday cottages…and he can play and sing a bit too!

Carley’s Yard – – Nicola and Mike Warner’s brilliant shop in Framlingham…art…retro…antique…vintage and decorative…Go..See!

Phil Grimwood – No1 son…fine carpenter… 07977061870

Mike Grimwood – No2 son…fine builder… 07868055493

Toffer Grimwood – No3 son – fine fitness manager… 07876764998

Tom Grimwood – No4 son – fine inshore fisherman…07753257705

And a musicians list (Those who have played, are going to play or we would like to play at

The Black Feathers

Hattie Briggs

Dan Walsh

Sam Carter

Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar

The Sam Kelly Trio

Hannah Scott

Ange Hardy

Moore, Moss and Rutter

Gilmore and Roberts

Andreas Tophoj and Rune Barslund

Merry Hell

Nancy Kerr

The Young ‘Uns

More to follow!

I bet we have left off some really important people!

Let us know…we will add…

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