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Let me talk to you a little about ‘Buffet Culture’…

…Ever since my early days as chef/patron of the White Horse – Easton (this was in the 80’s) I have served all our main courses from a visual hot table in the dining room. Don’t think carvery though – this has always been a selection of top quality dishes suited to this type of service.

Food editor, Glyn Williams once wrote “There is a higher level of culinary skill in David’s fabulous selection of dishes, (steaming hot and laid out in all their splendour on his amazing hot table) – than on the majority of A La Carte menus in many restaurants”.

Think about all the delicious slow cooked dishes that benefit from the ‘hay-box’ treatment given by the heated table, lamb shanks, braised steaks, chicken, duck, hare, rabbit, and venison …the list is endless!

All our beautiful roast joints – Blythburgh free range pork, Alde valley lamb, and amazing Suffolk beef, hung for thirty days and rested for as long out of the oven as it was in the oven! If you see what I mean! All are better for resting under the lights, tender, moist and succulent.

Then our infamous pies – local venison, ale and mushroom – Red Poll beefsteak and pigeon, free-range chicken with new season asparagus – all topped with a golden short crust top. All are superior for the buffet treatment.

No one else serves their food quite like this – the visual treat followed by the taste has to be witnessed and enjoyed to be truly understood.

‘Buffet culture’ is an incredibly social and special way of serving food. I love it and thousands have loved it too over the years…

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